• 25/01/2021

Saudi German Hospital Madinah offers life-saving treatment to a patient suffering from brain stroke


A 70-year-old man was admitted into the Emergency Department suffering from a loss of consciousness, numbness, severe weakness on the left side of the body, speech impairment, and deviation in the angle of the mouth.

The effective response of the Neurosurgery team in administrating thrombolytics (drugs that dissolve clots) helped dissolve the cerebral clot intravenously within the hour and saved the patient's life. After the patient's treatment, the symptoms of stroke began to fade, the patient regained movement on the left side of his body, and his ability to speak clearly within a record time of 15 minutes, as per international standards. The patient was discharged after his condition was stable, after a follow-up appointment at the Neurology Clinic that ensured there were no complications or effects of the stroke.

Our Neurology Department is a leading center in the treatment of all kinds of strokes.